Online games have profanity filter, they need a political filter too

To depolarize the culture war it should be possible for customers to buy/rent movies, tv series and computer games that have three filters you can choose between before enjoying any kind of mainstream entertainment: 1) a filter for those who like LGBT, 2) a filter for those who enjoy libertinism and vulgar cursing, and 3) a filter one can choose if not wanting 1) and 2).

For example, if you don’t want to see any non-binary characters or hear any non-binary dialogues in a multiplayer or singleplayer you can go into game settings and choose a cultural conservative filter, so that all LGBT “skins” change to binary “skins”, and voiceover plus subtitles become non-LGBT.

Computer graphics are so realistic now that it’s possible to put a digital overlay on movies and tv series, so that customers can decide whether they want to see/hear LGBT characters or not.

Imagine, for example, an upgraded version of Battlefield 2042 where you will not see that another gamer has chosen to play with a non-binary character if you have disabled LGBT content. Nor will you hear any vulgar swearing or see anything sleazy if you uncheck the libertine filter.

The mainstream entertainment industry doesn’t respect true diversity if creating content that only caters to woke libertines.

A customized political filter may require that cultural conservatives must either have a very good GPU/CPU or lower other graphic settings if choosing to override (disable) all libertine vulgarity and LGBT content in a game, movie or tv series.

All game engines should be able to incorporate an universal module that automatically implements a political filter in multiplayer combat and singleplayer campaigns.

Intel, for example, should develop a culturally conservative version of Bleep (or just upgrade Bleep to give conservatives the option to play as they want).

Mainstream entertainment companies should be able to ask governments to subsidize the introduction of a political/cultural filter in all games, movies and tv series (that have been released since Crysis and STALKER, 2007).

The mainstream entertainment industry will earn more money if they create entertainment with options that satisfy all customers, instead of often limiting the customer base to 18+ pro-LGBT and pro-libertinism.

A family friendly apolitical version of a game, movie or tv series will be the most popular edition (globally), because it will not exclude anyone. But even if a minority of gamers choose to play with a conservative (apolitical non-vulgar) filter, it’s not a waste of energy to offer this option in game settings, because the option will contribute to depolarizing the culture war.

Gaming is popular in such a degree that we are increasingly seeing (in the near future) that politics is downstream from the gaming (metaverse) culture. The Hill:

Video game industry bigger than sports, movies combined: report

When more cultural conservatives, all around the world, begin to realize the impact that gaming has on young people it will only be a matter of time before rightwing activists start to attack the woke libertine gaming industry in the West.

Game developers should keep in mind that common people, aka the silent majority or 80 percenters, are sheep that will usually go along with anything their leaders say. Common people are passive, not rebels. The goal of a political filter is therefore to keep both leftwing and rightwing activists happy, content and busy with entertainment (bread and circus) instead of spending their time on planning radical (violent) action against the Establishment or other groups.

Big Tech sends people into space and build quantum computers, so it should be very easy for them to create a political filter in games, movies and tv series. However, if they don’t do anything to depolarize the culture war, then let it be, let them have escalation until we tragically have a real war and everything burns…