How to depolarize the culture war

The culture war is about who controls and influences mainstream culture. The latter is the same as popular culture. Pop culture in the West today is mostly determined by the entertainment industry: movies, tv series and online games, in addition to music and sports. There have always been plenty of music options satisfying all ideological or (sub)cultural groups, but sports today have been somewhat politicized in the West, see the NBA controversy for example, though wokeness in sports has been rolled back a bit (temporarily) after this politicization of sports has partly backfired.

If the entertainment industry wants to respect neurodiversity it should make three different versions of each movie, tv series and online game: 1) a libertarian edition, 2) a woke edition, and 3) a culturally conservative edition. The last version will be the most popular, because it will be apolitical, without wokeness, and without libertinism, so it can be enjoyed by all people, teens and the elderly, and sold in all states: California, Norway, Russia, France, China, Kenya, India, Argentina etc. That is real inclusion, since it’s apolitical, i.e. pure entertainment, and will therefore not offend libertarians or leftwing citizens.

Moderate cultural conservatives argue primarily that mainstream entertainment should express the basic values of common people in a way that doesn’t offend anybody, so that everybody can enjoy it, regardless of whether they are far-left, in the middle or far-right. In short, mainstream entertainment should not be politicized. Subcultural entertainment, however, can be woke or libertine, as long as it’s off-Broadway and only distributed by indy-companies. Alternatively, let all mainstream movies, tv series and online games come in three versions, as mentioned above, so that customers have freedom of choice when buying or renting entertainment.

Customers can already choose to buy/rent an unrated movie or a rated version of it (usually shown in cinemas). It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to create three different versions of an online game. First make one server for each game edition. Then create a libertarian and woke main (default) version of the game. Cut away the wokeness to get a pure libertarian edition, before removing all libertinism and vulgar swearing to get a version compatible with cultural conservatism. To get a pure woke edition just cut away the libertarian and libertine elements in the main (default) version of a game, movie or tv series.

The escalating culture war is a matter of national security. Entertainment companies should therefore receive economic support from the government if that is necessary to finance three editions of each game, movie or tv series.

The above solution respects true diversity. It avoids censorship, and it avoids a situation where ideological groups try to get power in order to dictate what other political or cultural groups should enjoy when buying or renting mainstream entertainment.

I have no need or right to take credit for the above solution. I actually got the idea from the book Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark at MIT. So if liberals in the entertainment industry want to depolarize the culture war in the way suggested above, you can give Tegmark credit for it. Envisioning several different AI futures he calls one of them the Sector System:

“Valuing diversity, and recognizing that different people have different preferences, the AI has divided Earth into different sectors for people to choose between, to enjoy the company of kindred spirits.”