An “alliance” of conservatives, progressives and libertines who want to depolarize the culture war, fight the AI robot panopticon, and create alternatives to propaganda in mainstream entertainment

Let’s hack to pieces the culture war, cut down the AI robot panopticon, and chop up all propaganda, be it leftwing or rightwing.

The culture war is escalating because conservatives, progressives and libertarians/libertines are all fighting over who should control the “godlike” centralized tech power offered by the fourth industrial revolution.

The culture war will automatically deescalate if we build alternatives to centralized high-tech power. Support Web 3.0 (the fediverse) and hack centralized Web 2.0.

Defend humanity and fight “Skynet” (Skyborg). Lacerate and slit top-down politicized mainstream entertainment, by letting each citizen freely decide what cultural and political content he or she wants to see in entertainment that should be as customizable as technically possible.

In order to defeat the surveillance and propaganda of the centralized AI robot metaverse it’s necessary to create a broad alliance or at least a very informal and loose network of resistance.

The fourth industrial revolution is very complex, so I have gone through several stages or phases that have changed as I have learned more about 1) how the AI robot panopticon operates, and 2) how different political groups react to it. For example, I once thought that moderate cultural conservatives would be intensely motivated and powerful enough to combat this panopticon, since the Western surveillance regime preaches woke libertinism, two ideologies that conservatives reject. But after a year of learning more about today’s conservatives and how they in the 2020s react to Big Tech, it (so far) seems like they lack power to substantially change things in the fourth industrial revolution. Consequently, I’m willing to be pragmatic and experiment with other ways of organizing a resistance, including tactical cooperation with progressives and libertines, so that we can have a very informal and loose “alliance” based on the principle that an enemy of my enemy is a temporary “friend”.

After we humans have defeated the AI robot machine, or “Skynet” (Skyborg), each party in the culture war can go back to focusing all its resources on winning this war, a war that will be less intense when there is no centralized high-tech power that gives some elites the opportunity to influence and control hundreds of millions (or billions) of people (globally).

Big Tech and intelligence agencies will try to break the “alliance”, by using smears and sowing division. It’s therefore crucial that we stick together no matter how much they use fake or true info to divide us. For example, if you are progressive or libertine there will be things you hate about cultural conservatives, and vice versa. But when even Churchill and Stalin managed to cooperate against Hitler it should be possible for us to put our differences aside, temporarily.

Please take into account that I have narcolepsy, so talking spontaneously about politics will require energy I now often lack. My ability to be politically active will be severely limited because of narcolepsy. (I’m a nerd, so reading and writing about exciting adrenaline-inducing topics is not a problem, it takes focus away from the discomfort of narcolepsy.)

I’m also a 30% idealist and 70% egoist, so don’t expect that I’m gonna live up to any ideological, cultural or religious ideals.