defining wokeness

I’m not anti-LGBT, not anti-CRT. Being an outcast, an hyper-individualist who supports decentralization and subcultures while being opposed to all power, because power corrupts, I’m anti-woke since I define wokeness as being an ideology which claims that one should use centralized power – Big Business and Big Government – to spread LGBT and other minority values. 

I’m equally opposed to using centralized power to spread rightwing minority values. 

I support Manning and Greenwald, and consider them to be heroes, just like Snowden.

I’m against all propaganda. It’s propaganda when one uses mainstream entertainment to spread rightwing or leftwing minority values. It follows logically that I’m therefore also opposed to wokeness, as this ideology is defined in this article here, because woke people use mainstream entertainment to spread their own subcultural values, thereby betraying those of us who defend subcultures outside the centralized power hierarchy.

But what exactly is wokeness?

Wokeness is a relatively new concept that can be defined in different ways. I formally define it like this:

Wokeness is an ideology which claims that an elite should use the top-down power of the state and/or corporations, especially the education system, mass media and mainstream entertainment, to spread and push the subcultural values and lifestyles of minorities into the mainstream culture (of all societies globally), with an emphasis on promoting LGBT in particular.

I support the freedom and universal human rights of constitutional democracies that are based on moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism, in the traditions of Locke/Mill and Edmund Burke and original Adam Smith (not the neoliberal misinterpretation of Smith, cf Amartya Sen’s introduction to The Theory of Moral Sentiments).

In other words, I support that all human beings, regardless of skin color, gender or any other group identity, should have the same judicial and political rights as everyone else, in the kind of constitutional democracies that have gradually developed after 1776.

The woke elite however wants to change the mainstream cultures in the West. They are not satisfied with everybody having the same judicial and political rights. They use entertainment, media and the education system to spread their own cultural values. Using mainstream entertainment to spread minority values is propaganda, and it’s propaganda regardless of whether these minority values are leftwing or rightwing.

In a constitutional democracy in America or Europe it’s room for many subcultures: libertines, woke people, Nazis, Jews, Bwiti, KKK, Muslims, Buddhists etc. This is true diversity. My own attitude is that each individual and each subculture should develop freely on their own without being influenced by Big Government or Big Business. I reject power, because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The woke elite on the other hand wants to use the centralized power of the CorpState to spread their own cultural propaganda. (A CorpState is a corporate state where there is a revolving door between government and business.)

Creative people who are making indy productions have obviously the freedom to create whatever subcultural entertainment they like.

But if a movie, tv series or online game is meant to be distributed in the mainstream culture, then it should be made in such a way that everyone can enjoy it, so that the majority population, the far left and the far right can all have a good time. Alternatively, one can make different versions of each movie or game, as explained here on Hacking for True Diversity.

Again, I’m not anti-LGBT. I consider Manning and Greenwald to be heroes. But since I’m a supporter of moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism, in addition to being opposed to Big Government and Big Business, it follows logically that I’m anti-woke.

Politics is downstream from culture. Cultural conservative people will therefore fight libertine wokeness. This polarizes the West and leads to violent chaos that the ruling elite can use as an excuse for introducing even more surveillance.

Libertine wokeness is just as divisive and radical as the subcultural values of fringe rightwing minorities. The ruling elite can therefore use libertine wokeness as a divide and conquer tactic to split leftwing populists and rightwing populists who are both opposed to the imperial and anti-democratic Establishment in the West today.

Libertine wokeness is authoritarianism. They exclude everyone who rejects their narrow political correctness of “diversity”, similar to how the Roman Empire persecuted monotheistic Christians who refused to comply.

Always remember that the Roman Empire – the original “fascism” – was multicultural, polytheistic and decadent. Nazism under Hitler was also multicultural: a combination of Roman, Nordic and Hindu cultures. The Nazis practiced yoga! Julius Evola was into tantra. In other words, authoritarianism can be decadent, as seen in the Roman Empire under Nero, or authoritarianism can be Puritan, as seen in Christian empires. But anybody who supports a Jeffersonian democracy will naturally reject all centralized power regardless of whether a powerful elite defends “unclean” multiculturalism or a “clean” monoculture.

Since the stereotypical image we have of fascistic uniformity in the 1940s is totally discredited today it’s not surprising that manipulative (and psychopathic) power-hungry elites in the West have now embraced the original “fascism” of the decadent multicultural Roman Empire.

Tragically we are still dominated by four empires: China, Russia, EU and the US. If the only choice is between a conservative empire in Russia or a woke libertine empire in the US/EU, then it’s natural that conservatives support Russia, just like it’s equally natural that libertines support Western empires, but both these options are evil, and one should therefore always try to decentralize all empires and return to either 1) moderate nation states built on the autonomy of each ethnic group, like the Sami, Inuit and Basque people, or 2) other types of decentralized local democracies.

In short, I basically don’t worry about whether an ideology is leftwing or rightwing as long as it doesn’t have power. Being anti-authoritarian I’ll criticize any Establishment that has centralized power.

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