What is wokeness?

Wokeness consists of two elements: 1) critical race theory, and 2) a push to make LGBT part of mainstream culture. It uses the top-down power of governments and corporations, especially propaganda in education and entertainment, to infiltrate mainstream culture. Wokeness is multiculturalism on steroids.

Moderate liberals and moderate cultural conservatives don’t mind that LGBT has it own subculture where all individuals have exactly the same legal rights and judicial protections as all other citizens in a constitutional democracy. But moderate cultural conservatives don’t support the idea that left- or rightwing minority cultures should influence the mainstream culture, because that will gradually polarize a society when each minority starts to fight over who should have most influence in mainstream society.

Moderate cultural conservatives are in the tradition of Edmund Burke. They have therefore always cooperated with moderate liberals in the tradition of John Locke and John Stuart Mill. The latter supported women’s rights. Females constitute half of humanity and are therefore not a minority. Moderate liberals encourage people to seek higher values in life instead of being addicted to vulgarity and animalistic desires.

Moderate liberals and moderate conservatives have always been the two main pillars of constitutional democracies where the middle class is the main foundation of power. Woke corporations are now eroding these pillars in order to create a new system where elites and their own preferred minorities rule the world.

Critics may argue that mainstream society is already libertine and woke to a large degree. But that is because woke elites the last 30-50 years have gradually used the top-down power of corporations and government institutions to change societies in an unprecedented way. They have used entertainment (pop culture), the education system and mass media (usually owned by woke corporations) to incrementally change the values and attitudes of common people. Moderate liberals and moderate conservatives are now fully aware of this top-down manipulation, so they start to fight back. And that’s why we have a culture war.

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