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Non-destructive hacking is fun but it’s now better to use energy on creating a non-Western alliance against libertine woke regimes

Recent developments have made it even clearer that ultra-“liberal” states will probably never give up libertinism and wokeness, as explained here:

Conservative’s culture war probably lost in the West. States outside N America and W Europe must contain libertine woke AI hybrid regimes

Conservative geeks who already master the art of hacking will obviously find much good entertainment in non-destructively penetrating a woke gaming company for example, but personally I’m so entertained by the new Cold War and the general cultural conflict between the two blocs of ultra-liberal regimes and non-woke states that I will put all my (indirect) literary involvement in militant activism to rest and instead try, for the first time, to willingly endure a transition from subcultural engagement to mainstream international politics, with a focus on the purely cultural aspect of Cold War 2.

The above-mentioned transition may not work. Got narcolepsy, so can only have the “culture war” as a very serious hobby. But non-woke states and non-libertine empires may not be interested in my tiny contribution to the cultural struggle of every country that’s opposed to having libertinism and wokeness in mainstream cultures. But let’s see how it goes.

Will recommend all none-woke hackers and other politically active conservatives outside the West to lobby their own government and ask it to boycott and contain the ultra-“liberal” entertainment industry in the US/EU.

Try to get your government to ask China to use its influence in Hollywood to create movies, games and tv series that are non-political, free of all propaganda. That’s in Beijing’s interest, because propaganda doesn’t work in relation to 20 percenters who are engaged in politics. The silent majority, the 80%, are obedient no matter whether you feed them propaganda or not. Simple apolitical “bread and circus” is better in the long run, since it keeps everybody happy (after a long day of work or if they are unemployed).

Personally I will only be an observer of Cold War 2, looking at it from a distance, as a form of very dark entertainment. All my hobby-based political engagement will be limited to the cultural sphere. So if a non-Western state doesn’t keep secrets in its Ministry of Culture it will have nothing to fear from my attempt at doing a little politics, in the background, on the sideline, when I’m awake enough. But if this project is no success, then no worries. My main entertainment now is Cold War 2, so will get enough kick out of that to keep me very excited even if it proves impossible to contain the anti-conservative culture of libertine woke regimes. Even if the project does succeed, Cold War 2 may suddenly destroy it all in a global hot war. Nothing is permanent here on Earth.